Scio to open ScioHouse

In September 2017, we are launching ScioHouse – an innovative learning space in Dejvice, Prague 6. We offer children, parents, teachers and those interested in modern education 500 square meters full of courses, events and complete programs based on Scio School principles, contemporary pedagogy and using modern ICT technologies.


A two-days-a-week program for homeschoolers.
Because we know that homeschooling is one of the best methods in education.
That is why we want to support you on the road to freedom in learning for your children and freedom for you.


The best of Scio Schools´ pedagogy for your children at the age of 6-12 years.
Because we believe in children and their ability to learn. In their willingness to ponder deep in questions they are really interested in.


The best of Scio Schools´ pedagogy for your preschooler.
Because we want to support your children in their desire to discover and explore the world around us and to show them that together we can learn more.


Programs for you giving back sense to your education.
Because we believe education is the way to satisfaction. The only way we decide for ourselves.

Coming soon in ScioHouse

Would you like to enrol your children in ScioHouse?

1. Online form

Fill in a simple contact form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment at your convenience

2. Meeting in person

We´ll meet, talk to you and your child, discuss mutual expectations, answer your questions.

3. Your signature

Take your time, discuss everything at home and if you find our program convenient – we can sign Agreement on Provision of Educational Services.

4. And that´s it!

Off we go!